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Nozomi in her school uniform and later longer haired appearance.

Character OverviewEdit

A sixteen year old freshman, Nozomi is Yuna Kurumi's devoted stalker. After hearing of Yuna's heroic exploits against the Judo club and her tough personality, she falls madly in love with Yuna. Little does Nozomi know that Yuna is actually Rando, a teenage boy. Rando does everything in his power to try and stay away from the girl, with little success. A car accident does leave her in a hosipital for a few months, but after recovering she immediately continues her drive to date Yuna.


An obsessive young girl, she holds her love for Yuna above anything else in her life. She is absolutely determined to make Yuna fall in love with her at all costs. Nozomi is prone to fits of anger if anyone threatens to take Yuna away from her. She even considers Yuna's friends to be potential rivals, even though none of them are lesbians.