Character OverviewEdit


Miwa Masuko is an older cousin of Yuna and Rina Kurumi. A 23 year old substitute teacher, she hopes to become a well-respected full-time teacher at Seika High School. While she dresses in a mini-skirt and tight blouse, she is very aggressive against guys who try to hit on her. However, she is very affectionate towards Yuna and Rina, much to "Yuna's" surprise. By the end of the Pretty Face series, she has been hired by the school as a full-time teacher.


Miwa Masuko, while very close to her family, can be quite aggressive towards those who try to ask her out or otherwise disrespect her. She also has a keen eye for noticing problems facing her family and will protect them as best as she can.


  • Yuna and Rina Kurumi
    • Miwa is very close to both her cousins but especially to Yuna, whom she lends a considerable amount of her tough and determined personality. She supported Yuna's wish to become a beautician but didn't believe that she would run away from home to pursue a career.
  • Rando Masashi/ "Yuna Kurumi"
    • Miwa at first believes that Rando is really Yuna, but becomes suspicious after she gets Miwa's birthday wrong. Miwa tries to figure out why "Yuna" is acting so different, even breaking down a door in order to see Yuna in the bathroom. However, after "Yuna" saves Rina from a gang of bullies, Miwa decides that she has proven herself to be Rina's sister.